November 30, 2005

Freshman Top 20

Last years list seemed to have a lot more no brainers than this year. Guys like Adrian Peterson, Mike Hart, and Chad Henne played key roles on very good teams as freshmen. This years list lacks that kind of marquee stand out player, but is loaded with marquee players of the future.

1. Darren McFadden (RB, Arkansas)
2. Sidney Rice (WR, South Carolina)
3. Tyrell Sutton (RB, Northwestern)
4. Kenny Phillips (S, Miami)
5. Steve Slaton (RB, West Virginia)
6. Mario Manningham (WR, Michigan)
7. Davone Bess (WR, Hawaii)
8. Justin King (CB, Penn State)
9. Joe Burnett (CB, UCF)
10. Greg Carr (WR, Florida State)
11. Patrick Chung (S, Oregon)
12. Mitch King (DT, Iowa)
13. Drew Weatherford (QB, Florida State)
14. DeSean Jackson (WR, California)
15. Arian Foster (RB, Tennessee)
16. Antoine Caldwell (OG, Alabama)
17. Steve Davis (DE, Minnesota)
18. James Davis (RB, Clemson)
19. Pat White (QB, West Virginia)
20. Barry Turner (DE, Nebraska)


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