May 17, 2013

2013 NBA Mock Draft

1. Orlando - Trey Burke (5'11'', PG, Michigan, Soph.)
2. Charlotte - Nerlens Noel (6'10'', PF, Kentucky, Fresh.)
3. Cleveland - Otto Porter (6'8'', SF, Georgetown, Soph.)
4. Phoenix - Ben McLemore (6'5'', SG, Kansas, Fresh.)
5. New Orleans - Anthony Bennett (6'8'', PF, UNLV, Fresh.)
6. Sacramento - Rudy Gobert (7'1'', C, France)
7. Detroit - Victor Oladipo (6'5'', SG, Indiana, Jr.)
8. Washington - Cody Zeller (7'0'', C, Indiana, Soph.)
9. Minnesota - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (6'6'', SG, Georgia, Soph.)
10. Portland - Giannis Adetokunbo (6'9'', SF, Greece)
11. Philadelphia - Alex Len (7'1'', C, Maryland, Soph.)
12. Oklahoma City - Kelly Olynyk (7'0'', C, Gonzaga, Jr.)
13. Dallas - Dario Saric (6'10'', PF, Croatia)
14. Utah - CJ McCollum (6'3'', SG, Lehigh, Sr.)
15. Milwaukee - Shabazz Muhammad (6'6'', SF, UCLA, Fresh.)
16. Boston - Steven Adams (7'0'', C, Pittsburgh, Fresh.)
17. Atlanta - Michael Carter-Williams (6'5'', PG, Syracuse, Soph.)
18. Atlanta - Gorgui Dieng (6'10'', C, Louisville, Jr.)
19. Cleveland - Tony Snell (6'7'', SG, New Mexico, Jr.)
20. Chicago - Dennis Schroeder (6'1'', PG, Germany)
21. Utah - Mason Plumlee (6'11'', PF, Duke, Sr.)
22. Brooklyn - Sergey Karasev (6'7'', SF, Russia)
23. Indiana - Reggie Bullock (6'6'', SG, North Carolina, Jr.)
24. New York - Ricardo Ledo (6'6'', SG, Providence, Fresh.)
25. LA Clippers - Allen Crabbe (6'6'', SG, California, Jr.)
26. Minnesota - Jeff Withey (7'0'', C, Kansas, Sr.)
27. Denver - Jamaal Franklin (6'5'', SG, San Diego State, Jr.)
28. San Antonio - Livio Jean-Charles (6'9'', PF, France)
29. Oklahoma City - Lucas Nogueira (7'0'', C, Brazil)
30. Phoenix - Shane Larkin (5'11'', PG, Miami, Soph.)

31. Cleveland - Mouhammadou Jaiteh (6'11'', C, France)
32. Oklahoma City - James Ennis (6'7'', SG, Long Beach State, Sr.)
33. Cleveland - Tony Mitchell (6'8'', PF, North Texas, Soph.)
34. Houston - Erick Green (6'3'', PG, Virginia Tech, Sr.)
35. Philadelphia - Archie Goodwin (6'5'', SG, Kentucky, Fresh.)
36. Sacramento - Deshaun Thomas (6'7'', SF, Ohio State, Jr.)
37. Washington - CJ Leslie (6'9'', SF, North Carolina State, Jr.)
38. Detroit - Glen Rice Jr. (6'6'', SG, NBDL)
39. Portland - Tim Hardaway Jr. (6'5'', SG, Michigan, Jr.)
40. Portland - Lorenzo Brown (6'4'', PG, North Carolina State, Jr.)
41. Memphis - Myck Kabongo (6'1'', PG, Texas, Soph.)
42. Philadelphia - Jackie Carmichael (6'9'', PF, Illinois State, Sr.)
43. Milwaukee - Andre Roberson (6'7'', SF, Colorado, Jr.)
44. Dallas - Nate Wolters (6'4'', PG, South Dakota State, Sr.)
45. Portland - Alex Abrines (6'5'', SG, Spain)
46. Utah - Nemanja Nedovic (6'3'', SG, Serbia)
47. Atlanta - James Southerland (6'8'', SF, Syracuse, Sr.)
48. LA Lakers - Isaiah Canaan (6'0'', PG, Murray State, Sr.)
49. Chicago - Vander Blue (6'4'', SG, Marquette, Jr.)
50. Atlanta - Marko Todorovic (6'11'', C, Montenegro)
51. Orlando - Mike Muscala (6'11'', C, Bucknell, Sr.)
52. Minnesota - Adonis Thomas (6'6'', SF, Memphis, Soph.)
53. Indiana - Ray McCallum (6'2'', PG, Detroit, Jr.)
54. Washington - Richard Howell (6'8'', PF, North Carolina State, Sr.)
55. Memphis - BJ Young (6'4'', SG, Arkansas, Soph.)
56. Detroit - Kenny Kadji (6'11'', PF, Miami, Sr.)
57. Phoenix - Bojan Dubljevic (6'10'', PF, Montenegro)
58. San Antonio - Phil Pressey (5'11'', PG, Missouri, Jr.)
59. Minnesota - Brandon Paul (6'4'', SG, Illinois, Sr.)
60. Memphis - Pierre Jackson (5'11'', PG, Baylor, Sr.)


At May 22, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im a big Piston fan I hope some of my fellow fans read this.I've read some posts saying draft Zeller and trade Monroe.We went a few years w/o a decent 5,we drafted Monroe and he played out of position did a decent job.Now we have Drummond now all is well.2 young big men no one else has that.I like the guy from Greece.He's not quite there offensively,but he has the most to offer period.Teams will have to adjust to us with a young,big frontline like that

At May 30, 2013, Anonymous The Strategy Expert said...

Are you talking about the Guard Giannis Adetokoubo? I'm assuming so since the other big men are not from Greece. It was hard to tell if you were suggesting going for a 3rd big man to add with the other 2.

I'm not much of an expert on international players, but I have heard he was a possible late 1st / early 2nd player.

Are you thinking of him for our 1st pick or to try and get lucky and get him with the 2nd rounder? If the latter, who do you want with the first pick, or vice versa for Round 2?

At May 31, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of the mocks are saying Muhammad,Oladipo,Bennett,Zeller,Burke to us at #8,all are good but limited role players.I don't think we need a PG,it took Billups a few years to get it.Muhammd is a swingman,and can he defend at SF or SG.I think Bennett is the best of this group,but he has trouble getting his shot off,and again can he defend at the 3.We need to replace Prince,he gave us a decent chance against the great SF's in the EC,James,Anthony,Deng,Pierce,and now George.We play defense in Detroit.I know people are going to say Oladipo,but he's limited.So yes take Adetokoubo with the 1st pick,the big man from Bucknell at 2 and hopefully McCallum from Detroit Mercy with the other2.I think Adetokoubo is like Prince with a better skill-set.I've seen his tapes,very mobile,long arms,quick change of direction on the dribble at 6-9-6-10.

At May 31, 2013, Anonymous The Strategy Expert said...

Hmm very interesting analysis "Anonymous". I have to admit you make a good case and I'm going to do some extra scouting work on this GA guy, yeah that's his new nickname since I'd rather wait until AFTER we draft him before memorizing the spelling and pronunciation of his name!

The good thing for us this year is we could use help everywhere, so not really much of a way to screw up the pick for once! Thanks again for your great breakdown!

At May 31, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just my opinion Mr.SE can't wait for next season Go Pistons!

At June 01, 2013, Anonymous The Strategy Expert said...

Right on Mr. A!


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