September 30, 2009

NBA Predictions


1. Cleveland (Great at not having letdowns during the long regular season)
2. Orlando (Rashard's suspension makes it less likely Orlando can come out on top)
3. Boston (Aging team and KG's questionable health drop Boston to 3rd)
4. Atlanta (Steady under the radar young team that just keeps improving)
5. Washington (If they stay healthy, they are dangerous...that's a big if)
6. Chicago (A dangerous team if Deng is healthy and they can build on last year's playoff success)
7. Toronto (Hedo will help get Toronto back in the mix, but he does not make the elite)
8. Philadelphia (Elton Brand returns to a team that played pretty well without him)


1. LA Lakers (Adding Artest makes the defending champs that much more dangerous)
2. San Antonio (Jefferson and Blair should improve an already very good veteran team)
3. Denver (Legit contenders or one year wonders?)
4. Portland (This is the year the young Blazers finally start to make noise)
5. Dallas (Adding Marion was nice, but he won't bring them the toughness they so badly need)
6. New Orleans (CP3 still needs more help to make New Orleans a title contender, but they should coast into the playoffs)
7. Utah (With a healthy Boozer and a focused Okur, this team could contend)
8. LA Clippers (Blake Griffin is just the spark this talented, but erratic, team needs to get it going)

MVP: LeBron James

Rookie of the Year: Blake Griffin

Most Improved Player: Roy Hibbert

1st Team All NBA: Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki, Dwight Howard

All Rookie Team: Jonny Flynn, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Blake Griffin, Jordan Hill

East Finals: Orlando over Cleveland in 6

West Finals: LA Lakers over San Antonio in 7

Finals: LA Lakers over Orlando in 6

Finals MVP: Kobe Bryant


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