December 15, 2006

Cammo Playoff Tourny

I have made it no secret that I think the BCS stinks and should have been replace years ago by a playoff system. I know everyone has their ideas for a playoff, so here is mine.

*Top 12 teams as listed on my Cammo Top 25.

*Top 4 teams get a bye to the 2nd round.

*All undefeated teams make the tourny. If one isn't in the top 12, then they replace the #12 team as the last team in.

*The first round is played at the better ranked team's home stadium.

*All subsequent game played at current bowl venues. (They would replace said bowl games)

*This makes 7 games that would replace bowl games. Those bowls participating would be...
1. Fiesta Bowl (Glendale, AZ)
2. Orange Bowl (Miami, FL)
3. Rose Bowl (Los Angeles, CA)
4. Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, LA)
5. Citrus Bowl (Orlando, FL)
6. Cotton Bowl (Dallas, TX)
7. Peach Bowl (Atlanta, GA)

*The 2 semifinal games and final game would rotate between the 4 current BCS games. (Sugar, Rose, Orange, Fiesta).

This system would set up the following 1st round matchups at the better team's stadium...

5. Louisville (11-1)
12. Auburn (10-2)

6. USC (10-2)
11. Wake Forest (11-2)

7. Boise State (12-0)
10. Oklahoma (11-2)

8. Wisconsin (11-1)
9. Notre Dame (10-2)

Not a bad first round of games. This would lad to the following week at the first set of bowls...

5. Louisville (11-1) ***my prediction***
4. LSU (10-2)

6. USC (10-2) ***my prediction***
3. Florida (12-1)

2. Michigan (11-1)
10. Oklahoma (11-2) ***my prediction***

1. Ohio State (12-0)
9. Notre Dame (10-2) ***my prediction***

This just keeps getting better, on to the major bowl site games....

4. LSU (10-2)
3. Florida (12-1)

2. Michigan (11-1)
1. Ohio State (12-0)

Wow, rematch weekend. Followed by a great finals regardless of who wins. Who wouldn't rather have this system than the bad one we have now. I will leave it up to you to figure out who wins from here, but regardless, it would be quite a month.


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