March 02, 2006

Olympic Basketball...Cammo Style

With word of the 22 invites to the USA basketball tryouts, I have decided to make my own USA basketball system. I'll stick with the coaching staff they have, I like those choices. I would add a secondary team that practices together and scrimages against the USA main team. This gives young guys a chance to come up in the system like every other country does and like USA soccer has had a lot of sucess with.

Team USA

PG - C. Billups/C. Paul
SG - K. Bryant/D. Wade/M. Redd
SF - L. James/R. Lewis/B. Bowen
PF - D. Howard/C. Bosh
C - B. Miller/A. Stoudamire
Inactive: E. Brand, J. Johnson, S. Marion

USA Secondary Team

PG - K. Hinrich/R. Felton
SG - J. Redick/J. Howard/O. Mayo
SF - C. Anthony/T. Prince/A. Morrison
PF - D. West/C. Frye
C - C. Kamen/G. Oden
Inactives: B. Gordon, S. Battier, K. Korver


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